WASHED-UP: CHAPTER INDEX of Book One of The Shartir Saga — A Serialized Fiction Experiment



WASHED-UP is the first story in a saga about Shar­tir: The Last Land…

A girl awakes on a strange beach in a land where light comes from a sea of stars at night and golden, pink clouds in the day. The city peo­ple use spells to con­trol the ele­ments of the realm, while coun­try folk live in a happy mad­ness with the chaotic elementals.

She remem­bers every­thing, almost, but enough to know that wher­ever she is there is no return from whence she came.

Alone, the girl must strug­gle to sur­vive the vague laws, sub­tle plots & machi­na­tions of the pow­er­ful Gen­tle­men who rule the five mago­cratic king­doms: Miran­dola (The City of Books), Grada (The City of Splen­dor), Char­to­mia (Land of the Mid­night Sun), Maa­jerah (City of Beauty), Croften (The City of Towers).

Enjoy these first draft weekly chap­ters of a world I devel­oped for an RPG in Ire­land in 2005 (from a dream one night after music with Micky Mar­tin in Clif­den, Cona­mara). Jonathan Mauro (Galac­tic Des­tiny, Kill the Hip­pies, Damanta: Live in Chicago) flushed out ideas that week over many cof­fees the next morn­ing at the pub.

Each chap­ter will be 800‑1200 words. Or, in other words, as long or short as it needs to be. I love books with long chap­ters & books with short chap­ters; both their read­ing and writing.

With this project, my only promise is to fully sat­isfy my own imag­i­na­tion. Enjoy.…

Book One:


paintings forests artwork fairytales_www.wallmay.net_33

Chap­ter One:

The Old Man & The Beach

Chap­ter Two:

The Gen­tle­man & The Girl

Chap­ter Three:

The Sys­tem & The City

Chap­ter Four:

The Lord & The Guard 

Chap­ter Five:

The Gown & The Gala     

Chap­ter Six:

The Manor & The Madame

New Chap­ter Com­ing August 10th, 2014

sorry for the delay…i decided to sud­denly quite smok­ing and have been detoxing…more awe­some­ness to come soon…big party on day 30 Sept 11th for those in Vancouver

Pray for me!

The Masks & The Maidens



Dur­ing the autumn I will edit and revise book one and release it on Ama­zon, in e-book, soft & hard­back print. Please email me if you like this story and world and want to par­tic­i­pate in its build­ing.

NB: How­ever, when this first draft is edited and pub­lished online and in-print, I will remove the draft chap­ters from the site — we don’t need two ver­sions of the same story float­ing around. No mat­ter how much fun it was for those who joined me in the imag­in­ing of SHARTIR.


Begin­ning Weekly in 2015



sword and sea

After his fam­ily implodes within the mago­cratic ech­e­lons of the Miran­do­lus col­legium, a young gen­tle­man must travel to the far coun­tries of Char­tomeh and Maa­jerah, before learn­ing that the only answers to his ques­tion lie off the dolmen-roads, beyond the coun­try­side and in the for­est moun­tain at the heart of the island-continent of Shartir.




& The Rebirth of Seri­al­ized Writing

SHARTIR has been this exper­i­men­tal fan­tasy saga of mine since 2005, liv­ing in Kil­ro­nan, Inis Mor and then Gal­way, Ire­land.

GOALS: To write one thou­sand words of qual­ity fan­tasy fic­tion a week in Realm of Shar­tir. To col­lab­o­rate with its read­ers in telling this saga from start to fin­ish. To release the story in lovely, illus­trated books when each vol­ume is ready. Hope­fully once a year, or every six months, depend­ing really on what read­ers would like.

NB: If you have any thoughts, ideas, or “what ifs…” about this fan­tasy saga, please email or com­ment and let me know. This is some­thing writ­ers never really do. But I think it could be fun. And I have been out­lin­ing this fan­tasy world, maps, his­tory and all since I lived in Gal­way in 2005. Other friends of mine have con­tributed to it. I am also open to artists of any sort who want to par­tic­i­pate. This is an inspi­ra­tion project for me; as a writer things like this that I have been sim­mer­ing on the back plate for almost a decade are pow­er­ful tools in my “Writer’s Kit” that help me get excited to work on the tougher, less inspir­ing ele­ments of my craft.

PS: I am divid­ing chap­ters by scenes. That’s because since this is a first draft it still requires the flex­i­bil­ity to have scenes arranged once they are all writ­ten and put into pub­lished form. ALSO, as writ­ers know, inspi­ra­tion means you may not write your scenes chrono­log­i­cally. Though I shall try to. The nar­ra­tive may jump around to keep me excited, but this is some­thing writ­ers have always done and is often how a more inter­est­ing struc­ture (Truby’s “Design­ing Prin­ci­ple”) may emerge. Accord­ing to John Truby it is the work of this prin­ci­ple that makes a story unique and true, instead of rehashed or cliched.




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